Insightful Media™

Why Insightful Media?

Hi. I’m Phillip Simon,

I started Insightful Media to help organizations develop and engage their audiences using digital media. I would enjoy discussing with you how I can support your digital and media design needs.  Contact me if you have any questions.


A little bit about me

At the age of 13, visual storytelling became a part of my DNA with my first 35mm camera. I owned Nikon and Leica film cameras and loved them all. In college, I merged my photography and drawing skills into traditional printmaking. During my master’s program in the 1980s, I began experimenting with multimedia techniques – marrying image and sound to express ideas.

Shortly after, I collaborated with dance and theater companies to create sound designs for their performances. This led me to produce videos. In 1987 the Yale School of Medicine hired me to establish their internal video production unit.

By 1992, I moved my design approach to digital using computer graphics to express ideas. Eventually, I became an online educational specialist at Yale University. Over the 22 years at Yale, my responsibilities grew. Positions included Director of Operations for Web Design and Development at the Yale School of Medicine, Director of Operations for the Yale Center for Advanced Instructional Media, and Director of Biomedical Communications. 

In 2009 I began working at Quinnipiac University as the Director of the Interactive Media graduate program in the School of Communications. Through the years I have helped launch careers for hundreds of talented designers, developers, coders, artists, data experts and digital researchers around the globe. It’s been extremely rewarding.

I left Quinnipiac University in 2022 to focus my attention on helping clients with web design, video and film, photography, and app development, culminating with the start of Insightful Media LLC. in 2024.

Photo of Phillip SImon directing a film
Insightful Media owner, Phillip Simon directing on the set.


I have known Phillip Simon since 1981 in both professional and social capacities. Phillip is creative, collaborative, generous with his time and skills and always delivers what he promises. I highly recommend Phill.
David Bolinsky
CEO | Creative Director at E.mersion Studios, LLC
I have worked with Phill Simon for more than 18 years. We collaborated on a health care web site where Phill had creative ideas on how to develop the project. When we encountered challenges, Phill came up with creative solutions to keep things on track. His expertise in creative design and photography were key components in the development of this web site.
Cynthia Gallatin
Chief Strategy Officer, University of New Haven
Phillip is a top-tier manager and a great person with a huge professional background. His leadership is strong and confident, always aimed at successful project delivery. He possesses a wide range of project management skills and deep technical understanding to ensure that any project of any complexity can be executed at the greatest time/cost efficiency.
Andrii Baraniuk
Senior Product Owner / Project Manager
Great online teaching resources for all who have to move quickly from a traditional classroom. I have worked with Phil at Yale University and Quinnipiac University, and he is one of the best at utilizing these kind of resources.
John Powers, PhD
Assistant Professor at Quinnipiac University
Your courses were always the most interactive online courses that I had ever taken, it often didn’t even feel like it was a remote classroom, particularly with your online crits, those were my favorite!
Susan Aboelela
Associate Director of UX at IBM iX
For any teachers out there, my grad school advisor Phillip Simon is a master at teaching on line courses.
Melissa Neeley-Nicolini
Digital Content Specialist
Phill has been a pleasure to work with over the past several years. He recruited me to teach social media marketing and provided the guidance I needed to build out my courses. He is always there when I need, providing valuable insight and suggestions. I’m lucky to have his support and wisdom in online teaching as I began teaching.
Jacki Schroder Brown
Director, Product Marketing at Amadeus