Give me one hour to see if we are made for each other.

Our engagement with the client includes:

  • identifying how content can support business objectives and goals,
  • elucidating the client’s vision,
  • defining the audience through research,
  • auditing existing content,
  • making recommendations for content development,
  • creating design schematics and working prototypes, and
  • producing finished content.

Online education and training developer

The Web has proved a fertile ground for the proliferation of approaches to training and education. The central distribution of educational content and database tracking of learner activity has made the Web an ideal setting for training. I have been developing online courseware since 2000.

Developing online trading and education includes:

  • conducting an educational assessment,
  • determining training strategies, goals and objectives,
  • producing training content,
  • selecting and deploying the platform, and
  • deploying and testing.
  1. Educator

As a professor since 2004, I can teach and provide ongoing support in any of my areas of expertise. The goal is to empower clients to leverage existing human resources to support content development and management while maintaining a high level of quality. I can teach in-person, online, or hybrid. Sessions can be one-on-one or in groups; one-day or multi-day workshops. I can be retained to be “on-call” for content development support.

Over the years I have done work for Yale University, Yale-New Haven Hospital, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Quinnipiac University, the World Health Organization, Brand Inspiration, Vigliani Consulting, LLC, and The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.