Insightful Media™


Insightful Media owner Phillip Simon, and the hand picked professionals he works with, bring decades of experience working successfully for clients in both the public and private sectors.

UX Design and content strategy

Phillip Simon possesses a broad skill set in user experience (UX) design, covering user research, prototyping, intuitive navigation, designing interactive elements, and ensuring visual designs are functional. He collaborates effectively with cross-functional teams and prioritizes continuous learning to stay updated with industry trends.

Web and app development

Phill is a versatile web producer skilled in various tasks, seamlessly integrating project goals, requirements, and scope into digital endeavors. With expertise in project management, he manages projects from inception to execution efficiently. His capabilities extend to developing training platforms, crafting research apps, and curating engaging content. Phill meticulously constructs graphic sitemaps, wireframes, and information architecture, ensuring intuitive user experiences through user-centric design principles.

Video and film production

Phillip Simon excels in filmmaking, demonstrating proficiency in producing, story development, scriptwriting, and production design. He crafts intricate storyboards and oversees production to bring visual concepts to life. His expertise includes sound design, audio production, animation, and video production, creating captivating visuals. Phillip’s finesse in post-production editing adds polish to his works, showcasing mastery of the filmmaking craft.


Phillip Simon is a versatile photographer skilled in capturing diverse subjects across events, travel, portraits, architecture, documentary, and instructional photography. He showcases a keen eye for detail in event coverage and transports viewers through his travel photography. His portraits capture genuine emotions, while his architectural imagery demonstrates mastery of composition and light. In documentary work, he tells compelling stories with empathy and integrity. Phillip’s passion for sharing knowledge shines through in instructional content, empowering aspiring photographers.

Staff training

Phillip Simon is a dynamic training professional known for expertise in various training activities, including visual design, digital publishing, content strategy, and web management. He guides individuals through complex concepts, utilizing interactive programs and graphics software effectively. Phillip crafts engaging training materials and employs multimedia tools to deliver impactful learning experiences, dedicated to empowering learners and enhancing their skills.