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Phillip Simon, founder, and president

Phillip Simon has been creating productions using interactive media and the internet for almost 20 years. He specializes in user-interface design and information architecture for Web sites including the use of film, video, and animation. Phill is also an expert in online learning systems. Phill spent 22 years at Yale University working as a video producer, managing editor of the Center for Advanced Instructional Media, director of the Department of Biomedical Communications, and director of Operations for web design and development at the Yale School of Medicine.

In 2009 Quinnipiac University hired Phill to run their interactive media graduate program. He helped to revamp the graduate program to better serve today’s students who learn in an online environment. Now Phill teaches in the Department of Interactive Media and Design as a senior instructor and an assistant professor in the Department of Medical Sciences at the Frank H. Netter School of Medicine. Courses include topics on user experience design, content strategy, user research, audio-video design, and visual design.

“In 1992, with the advent of the Web, I started to apply a design approach to projects using the Internet. Good design principals are still fundamental to the success of digital media.”

Jan Bush, Vice President, Sales, and Marketing

Jan Bush is the consummate communicator and marketer with over 30 years of experience. She recently retired from Federal Service after 21 years. Prior to that, she spent 17 years operating a marketing firm that specialized in field work such as market research interviews and in-store merchandising covering a 5-state region. She trained hundreds of employees to represent clients at the local level. Jan developed a quality control program that included tracking results, measuring user satisfaction, and reporting back to clients. She built her company through client referrals.

Of her years with Federal Service, she served six years with the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Directed Energy Directorate.  Jan marketed laser and high-powered microwave research concepts to decision makers that included elected officials in the U.S. Congress and leaders in the Department of Defense. In 2011 Jan served on the original public/private planning team to establish the first DE2DC government exhibition as part of Directed Energy Professional Society educational outreach program.

“With with the Directed Energy Directorate, I worked with Ph.D. scientists conducting cutting-edge research in their fields.”

David Bolinsky, scientific animator

David is an accomplished and award-winning medical illustrator and animator whose pioneering career in digital animation spans 34 years. After holding the position of Senior Medical Illustrator at the Yale School of Medicine, David founded Advanced Imaging, Inc. (1984), the world’s first digital medical animation company and in 2000 co-founded XVIVO Scientific Animation.

David was Medical Director of the groundbreaking, award-winning film series ‘The Inner Life of the Cell’ for Harvard’s Molecular and Cellular Biology Department.

“My work is tuned to the expected audience; whether for kids attending a museum or medical students learning the complex pathways to coagulation, I treat the aesthetic and scientific content with equal reverence.”

Wendolyn Hill, medical illustrator

Wendolyn Hill is a Board Certified Medical Illustrator, a professional designation of excellence in illustration technique and scientific knowledge. As the Medical Illustrator at Yale University for more than twenty years, she had the privilege to collaborate with a diverse group of researchers and doctors to promote the fascinating discoveries that are being made every day.

“I enjoy transforming ideas into effective and appealing visuals to enhance the client message.”

Herbert Kagumba, software engineer

Herbert Kagumba is an adept software engineer with a serious passion for coding and developing. He’s knowledgeable about both client-side & backend technologies and adept in test-driven development. He has continuously improved his knowledge through numerous enterprise & personal projects, open source contributions, and hackathons. He is highly enthusiastic, ambitious, hard-working and loves learning new technologies.

“I take an analytic approach to problem-solving and passionate about data, design, and development.”

Courtney Marchese, graphic and UX designer

Courtney Marchese is an Assistant Professor of Graphic + Interactive Design and designer with over a decade of professional experience. Her expertise includes the strategy, development, and implementation of UX/UI design, information design, data visualization, package design, print collateral, and web design. She is an expert researcher who has done a number of presentations and publications regarding design in the health field, including information graphics for global diseases and UX/UI design for autistic children.

“My passion for learning, exploring, and developing new ideas has been at the very core of my career path as a designer and educator “

Ronald Obston, writer/producer

Ron is an Internet writer/producer with more than 20 years advising healthcare organizations in video communications. He produces medical education programs to engage healthcare professionals and leads creative media teams to create online medical content.

“I’m always looking at the big-picture to tell memorable stories, answering the who, what, why and how questions.”

Feleesha Sterling, usability strategist

Feleesha is a usability strategist and researcher with more than 10 years experience in UX, marketing, and interactive media.

She has worked in various industries including finance, automotive, retail and non-profit. Her roles include creating strategic UX direction, managing user-research, designing wireframes and collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver a user-centric product.

“I strive to understand how and why customers interact with your products, then I use that information to craft the best experience.”